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Mutton Chanp
Once a year Hidayat was allowed to invite all his friends over and treat them to a scrumptious Mughlai meal. The special occasion was Eid. And apart from the biryani and kebabs if his friends would look forward to any item in particular, it would be his mom’s delicious Mutton chanp, way tastier and healthier than the restaurant, with a perfect balance of ghee and spices. While his mother would be busy preparing wide spread for friends and family, little Hidayat would quietly stand close to the kitchen door and observe his mother cook. Today Hidayat’s mother is no more but the tradition continues. So today we at will be sharing this home cooked Mutton chanp recipe, which is not just delicious but equally comforting.
  1. Cut small slits in all the mutton pieces, for better penetration of the ingredients. Add the kesar to the milk and let it settle for a while, and then use the half portion for marination and other half for cooking. Follow the same while adding the rose water. Now for marination take the mutton pieces in a bowl, add all the ingredients, except for the oil, ghee, salt or sugar and rub the ingredients well in all the mutton pieces. Now leave the marination in the refrigerator for 8 to 9 hours.
Recipe Notes

Place an iron skillet on medium flame, add 4 tbsp of refined oil, let it heat. Now shallow fry the mutton pieces. Once the meat turns soft, and both sides are properly fried, keep the mutton pieces aside. Now add 2tbsp ghee to the same oil and add all the marinated gravy, cover the lid and let it cook for around 15 to 20 minutes, or until it starts to leave oil, now add the fried mutton pieces to the cooked gravy, add the rest of the saffron milk, 1tbsp of rose water, mix all of it well and cover the lid. Now let it cook for 10 more minutes on medium flame. Remove the lid toss the mutton over, cover it well with the gravy and cook it for 5 more minutes, your mutton chanp is ready to be served with roti, nun, paratha or our good old Biryani.

P.S – grated papaya is not required if the meat is marinated for long hours.


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