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Medu Vada
Unlike most of the kids of her age, Nayantara doesn’t like indulging in computer games or television cartoons, rather she likes spending hours in the kitchen with her mother, cooking delicious South Indian dishes. While most of her friends sleep till late on Sunday mornings, Nayantara on the other hand is an early riser. She quickly brushes off with her morning chores and helps her mother in the kitchen to get the breakfast ready before the others are awake. Since it is the only day of the week, when the entire family is together at the dining table, her mother prepares more than one dish to satisfy all their taste buds. But there is only menu that is constant, which is Medu Vada, Nayantara’s favorite and her comfort food. Apart from Sundays, whenever she did not feel like eating or was upset over something, her mother knew the trick that could change her mood in an instant and that was her favorite Medu Vada. So today at we bring you the recipe of Nayantara’s comfort food, Medu Vada, and we are sure you will like it too.
  1. Soak the dal overnight. Grind it to paste, add the chopped coriander leaves, curry leaves, chopped onions, green chillies, black pepper powder, cumin seeds, salt to taste and a pinch of baking soda, mix well and keep it aside for 15 minutes before frying the vada.
Recipe Notes

Take a wok, add the vegetable oil enough to deep fry. Take a little water in your hand, make small balls of the mixture, tap it flat a little, make a small hole in the middle and start frying. Your Medu Vada is ready, serve it hot with white coconut chutney.

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