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Bread Pakora
Kolkata and bandhs have a history together. It’s not a national holiday, it neither has any religious sentiments, even then it’s a special day in the life of all Kolkatans. When the time-stand still, the public transports vanish from the streets of the city, young lads turn the empty lanes into their cricket pitch and you are not marked absent in office, even if you can’t make it. It was one of those days, when Mohan woke up in his one bed room apartment in the 3rd floor of his rented flat. Following his daily ritual, after 10 rounds of Suryanamaskar and quickly brushing his teeth, with Dabur Lal Dantmanjan, Mohan made his way down to the para-more, to finish his breakfast with a hot cup of tea and crispy bread pakoras, from a local stall, owned by Manohar, a local from his village, Bilaspur. They would talk for couple of hours together, discuss family, poor conditions in the Government jobs and their good old days in village. But today he was surprised to find the lanes empty, and the food stall locked up, only a few dogs loitering around. That was the day when he understood what bandh actually meant in Kolkata. With a fallen heart Mohan made his way back to his room, but a breakfast without chai and bread pakora was not a good start to his day. He has seen Manohar prepare his favorite bread pakoras a thousand times before, the recipe wasn’t difficult, so he decided to try it himself. With some left over chutney that he had brought along with him, the last time he went to village, and self-made bread pakoras, Mohan’s day was made. Well such is the magic of comfort foods. So today share the comfort food recipe of most Indians, Bread Pakora.
  1. Smash the boiled potatoes and keep them a-side. Take a bowl add the besan, food soda, ajwain, turmeric, red chili and cumin powder, pinch of salt and sugar and mix well. Now keep adding little water to the same to make the batter. Add little water at a time to avoid lumps. Keep the consistency a little heavy.
Recipe Notes

Add oil to a wok and heat it on medium flame. Add the chopped onions, green chilies and fry it for 2 minutes. Now add the smashed potatoes to the wok, aamchur powder, pinch of salt, little bit of red chili powder and mix it well. Once done, keep the filling aside.

Take the bread slices, add the filling between two breads and cut the bread in to two halves. Continue the process and make eight batches of the same.

Now take the wok and add the remaining cooking oil and put in on medium flame, dip the sandwiches in the batter and try them until golden brown. Your bread pakora is ready to be served hot with tomato ketchup or green/pudina chutney.

P.S feel free to make your own filling adding seasonal veggies, cheese, leftover vegetables dishes or cooked minced meat.



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