Know Me

 Cooking begins in your mind and ends in your cooking pot. This was my first lesson while I started Cooking with my In-laws. Born in a Bangal family (descendants of Bangladesh) and married into a Ghoti one (descendants of Kolkata, India) I grew up to believe that there is a pool of difference between us. Apart from our loyalty towards East Bengal and Mohan Bagan (football teams) respectively, there is also a lot of difference in our taste buds. Where we like things, hot and spicy they prefer serving it sweet. But all the differences between ‘me’ and ‘we’ no longer made sense the day I stepped into the kitchen, of my new home.

Food has always been a catalyst in bridging differences and bringing people close and in my case it helped turn my new home into my family. What comforted us was our love for food and experiments with different cuisines, and soon did I learn that there are no differences in our food preferences.

So here I am, ready to serve from my kitchen to yours, easy simple recipes that offer soul satisfaction and have lasting impressions, which helped me spread love, joy and happiness, my Comfort Foods.